Chris Jones is a progressive trad. folk balladeer from the heartlands of Wales and traditional Welsh culture; a singer, re-interpreter and arranger of Celtic Folk in Welsh and English on guitar and bouzouki. He draws from the past to make anew.

With his original and fresh take on traditional Welsh folk music, Jones' captivating stage presence provides the platform for his mellifluous Welsh baritone to draw his audiences into his re-interpretation of traditional folk balladeering. Fluent and first language Welsh speaker and from the traditional cultural bastion of his native and ancient Gwynedd, Chris has been singing since a teenager and collecting songs ever since from Wales and the other nations of the Isles, including songs in the English language largely from the other Celtic Nations but also from England where he was a student. He has been recently interviewed (PDF) about how his interest in folk music started and developed.

Although an already well travelled artist, after having been chosen from hundreds of hopefuls as one of the acts for the BBC 's inaugural Horizons 12 project of 2014, he has gigged to new and international audiences - from The National Eisteddfod of Wales, to collaborating with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, showcasing at America's Folk Alliance International, to representing Wales at the Interceltic Festival in Lorient, Brittany.

His most recent album, the bilingual "Dacw'r Tannau" (Behold the strings) was released to rave reviews and was nominated in Songlines Magazine for best album.